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Press Releases, 2/7/2014 | Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Foreign Minister Tuomioja to EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting

Press release 34/2014

The EU Foreign Affairs Council will convene in Brussels on 10 February. Finland’s representative in the meeting will be Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja. The topics on the meeting agenda will include the EU Eastern Partnership and Southern Neighbourhood, Yemen, the Central African Republic, as well as the conflict in Syria and its impacts on Lebanon and Iraq.

As regards the EU’s Eastern Partnership, the Foreign Affairs Council will focus on the current situation in Ukraine in particular. The Ministers will also discuss the situations in other Eastern Partnership countries and the follow-up of the Vilnius Summit.

In reference to the conflict in Syria, the main topic between the Ministers will be the negotiations in Geneva, seeking political solution to the situation in the country. The Ministers will also discuss the regional repercussions of the conflict in Syria on Lebanon and Iraq in particular.

As regards the EU’s Southern Neighbourhood, the Foreign Affairs Council will take stock of the current situations in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. In addition, the Ministers will consider the situation in Yemen, which has just completed its national dialogue process.

Regarding the Central African Republic, the issue on the agenda will be the current situation of the preparations for the military crisis management mission of the EU (EUFOR RCA) in the country.

Additional information: Johanna Birkstedt, Deputy European Correspondent, tel. +358 40 352 3556; and Tero Shemeikka, Press Attaché to Foreign Minister Tuomioja, tel. +358 40 515 1097

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