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Press Releases, 4/17/2014 | Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Third open hearing session concerning EU-US trade negotiations 

Press release 95/2014

The negotiations concerning the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership were launched in July 2013. The fourth round of negotiations was conducted in March 10–14 in Brussels and the fifth one is being planned for May 2014.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs held the second open hearing session concerning the negotiations on Wednesday 16 April. At the event, Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Alexander Stubb explained the current status of the negotiations and gave an update on his trip to Washington, D.C. The delegation chaired by the Minister – representing broad-based cooperation between various sectors of society – consisted of MPs Pertti Salolainen and Mari Kiviniemi; Jyri Häkämies, CEO, Confederation of Finnish Industries; Juha Marttila, President, Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners; Matti Tukiainen, Director of Employment and Sustainable Growth, Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK; and Olli Koski, Chief Economist, Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK.

According to Minister Stubb, the trade negotiations are important for both the EU and the United States. The agenda for the negotiations includes big issues related to regulation, public procurement and investment protection. The Minister estimated that the talks will take the EU-US relations to a new phase, which, in addition to being a trade and investment partnership, also constitutes a strategic partnership. Freedom of trade enhances the economic situation and boosts economic growth on both sides of the Atlantic.

The speakers at the event were Ditte Juul-Jørgensen, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG Trade; Pekka Pesonen, Secretary General, COPA COGECA  European Farmers, European agri-cooperatives; and Jaakko Alasaarela, CEO, software company Zef Solutions Oy.

Additional information: Jukka Pesola, Head of Unit, tel. +358 295 351 029; Mary-Anne Nojonen, Commercial Counsellor, tel. +358 295 351 494; and Mari-Kaisa Brander, Press Attaché to the Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade, tel. +358 40 131 3388,

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Updated 4/17/2014

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