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Speeches, 5/9/2014

Statement by Mr. Klaus Korhonen, Ambassador for Arms Control
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
at the United Nations Security Council on 7 May 2014 in New York

Madame President,

 It is my pleasure to thank the Republic of Korea for organizing such a timely and important event. Promoting the implementation of the Security Council Resolution 1540 is a priority in managing all kinds of threats that generate from the existence and proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Finland fully aligns itself with the Statement of the European Union and would like to add a couple of remarks from a national perspective. I will introduce to you the multi-benefit model in our non-proliferation work and I will extend to all countries present an invitation to the next Plenary of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT).

International cooperation to implement common decisions starts at home. Finland is one of the seven regular reporting Member States which has submitted five voluntary reports since 2004.

In addition, Finland contributes to non-proliferation projects and cooperative activities in various regions ranging from Latin America to East-Asia. This effort is mainly based on a multi-benefit principle in allocating and using scarce resources.

To give you just two examples:

First. Measures to enable detecting and responding to biological weapons will also improve disease surveillance and other national public health capacities.

In this context I would like to inform you that earlier this week Finland hosted Helsinki Commitment Development Meeting as a part of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHS). Nearly 200 health security experts from over 30 countries gathered in Finland to discuss this initiative, which is relevant to the topic of today. The aim is to strengthen our ability to prevent, detect and respond to emerging infectious diseases, whatever the cause.

As a second example we can mention that resources to detect movement of terrorists across borders can also help in combating human trafficking and the other way around.

Improving non-proliferation capacities this way will address other needs as well of a given country. On the basis of multi-benefit strategy we can promote both security and development, with our partners.

I want to recognise here the role of the Washington-based institute, Stimson Center, in designing this innovative model and in applying it in projects that serve non-proliferation. Finland has supported the work of the center in advancing the implementation of resolution 1540.

Madame President,

Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) is one of the efforts that serve the goals of the 1540 resolution. Finland is pleased that this takes place in good cooperation with permanent international organisations. The United Nations, IAEA and Interpol are actively involved in the GICNT as official observers.

Finland has agreed to host its next plenary meeting in Helsinki in June 2015. The previous plenary was hosted with success by the Government of Mexico last year. We strive to reach the same high standard as Mexico in organising our meeting.

The priorities of the GICNT include Nuclear Detection, Nuclear Forensics and Response and Mitigation Work. Our own national experience shows that sharing best practices and participating in exercises in the GICNT framework is useful and in our interest. I want to extend thanks to the Republic of Korea for taking over the demanding task of coordinating the work of the GICNT in its Implementation and Assessment Group.

Currently 85 Partner Nations are involved in the GICNT cooperation. We very warmly welcome to Helsinki next year also those States who have not yet joined the Initiative.

Madame President,

Let me once again thank you and your Government for leadership in promoting the 1540 Resolution. Finland is looking forward to the Comprehensive Report that the 1540 Committee will submit to the Security Council in 2016. We hope that we can provide some of our ideas and experiences, and that they will be useful to the Committee in its preparatory work.

I thank you.

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Updated 5/9/2014

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