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Message from the Ambassador!

Welcome to the website of the Permanent Mission of Finland to the United Nations!

The Permanent Mission of Finland in New York is one of our largest diplomatic missions in the world.

Finland joined the United Nations (UN) in 1955. Established in 1945, the UN is the only intergovernmental organization whose membership comprises nearly all states in the world.

Secretary-General and Ambassador Sauer
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon meets with Kai Sauer, new Permanent Representative of Finland to the United Nations in New York on 19 August 2014. Photo: UN Photo/Evan Schneider

The United Nations is a unique forum for Finland’s foreign policy. Finland has a solid profile in the UN. During our ower 60-year membership we have been more influential in the UN than our actual size would lead to believe. Finland and the Finns, from Helvi Sipilä to Martti Ahtisaari, have promoted themes from international peace and security to equality and development. More than 50 000 Finns have been involved in UN peacekeeping operations. A stable international environment, based on cooperation and well-being, has best secured our national interests.

The UN system is global and operates in practically all time zones. The staff of the Permanent Mission of Finland promotes our national interests and the goals of our foreign policy. This task that demands expertise, hard-work and social skills is performed equally in conference rooms and backroom talks. I have the privilege to be a supervisor to a group of Finns who are skilled, motivated and who work well as a team.

It has been in Finland’s interest to strengthen international cooperation.  An active role in the United Nations is a central part of this policy.

Kai Sauer
Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Finland in the United Nations

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